Interview pictureIt was seven years ago when Julie found herself at a crossroads in her life.  She was going through a divorce with two children and unable to continue to afford the attorney for her case. Knowing a limited amount about the legal system, she had to scramble to gather her resources and learn how she could make sure both herself and her children would be taken care of in court.

Julie starting thinking about her situation and the legal system, and wanted to use her knowledge and experience to benefit those going through similar circumstances.  “I’ve been through this so I thought why not share this information with others.”  Having this thought convinced her to start her non-profit organization, A Bridge Between.
Founded in September of this year, her organization seeks to assist both men and women in making the emotional aspect of divorce and collecting child support less stressful and intimidating.  She wants people to know when you take the correct steps with the available education and resources, it is possible to go through the process successfully without legal help.  Greenberg firmly believes, “If you can’t afford an attorney, with guidance, education and resources, you can go through the process of collecting child support.”

Julie Greenberg started to conduct her series of three monthly workshops back in October with the last of her continuing series on 12/13/14.  Attorney guest speakers will be coming in January and February to discuss a variety of legal issues relating to child support issues.  The first guest speaker is Bernie Greenberg who will be talking about social media and the possible ramifications to your case.
“It is my desire and goal to provide encouragement with the education available to make custodial parents feel empowered and take the first step in protecting their children.”
A Bridge Between
Julie Greenberg, Director