Tiny homes

When it comes to homes, bigger is better right? Well, not anymore. For years many people gauged their success and life on how big their home was, but that is not the case anymore for a new generation of home buyers who are choosing to go smaller instead of bigger.

You’ve heard of tiny homes by now, and though they still only represent a small part of the market, tiny homes have never been more popular. Many are still unfamiliar with the concept of tiny homes, so let’s review what you need to know about these little paradises.

4 Things to Know About Tiny Homes

Let’s not get too complicated here; tiny houses are that, homes that have the usual amenities of a home but on a much smaller scale. There are currently no set definitions or guidelines that make a house, “tiny,” but most tiny homes carry similar features.

Small Footprint

There is an ongoing debate on what square footage a home must be under to be considered “tiny, ” but for our purposes, any home with a footprint of less than 500 square feet can be considered tiny. Many tiny homes do not approach that 500-square foot mark with some of the more popular tiny home builds coming anywhere from less than 100 so. ft. to around 300 so. ft.

Avoiding A Mortgage

Tiny homes are much less expensive than their normal-sized counterparts, which is appealing to those who wish to live debt free. Tiny homes should cost less than $100,000 and many gets theirs built for less than $50,000. This gives you a place to live, without rent or mortgage.

Tiny Solutions

It takes a lot to pack the amenities and features of a home into such a tiny space, but that is one of the hall marks of tiny living. Tiny homes use extreme storage and appliance techniques like storage stairs, smaller burners in the kitchen, couches that double into beds, hybrid shower/laundry rooms and more. Engineers and designers have come up with many unique solutions to make tiny living practical.


Most tiny homes do not have a large enough footprint to be considered real homes, to get around this most make their tiny home portable. This not only passes building code for the home but let’s tiny home builders take their entire life on the road to adventure, something very appealing for the type of customer who wants a tiny home.

Tiny houses are nothing more than a full-sized house squeezed down into a tiny package, usually less than 500 square feet. Unique solutions and portability help make tiny homes tiny and practical so owners can enjoy their home wherever they please. If you are interested in a tiny home for yourself, check for local and reputable tiny home designers to design and build the dream you’ve always wanted.

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