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What is the CRCO Local Business Alliance?

Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce

The Castle Rock Local Business Alliance (LBA) is picking up steam. It’s a grassroots effort designed to educate the local residents of Castle Rock on the importance of shopping local, first. Additionally, the LBA offers incredible co-op marketing initiatives, continuing education, advocacy and an overall alliance between local business owners in Castle Rock.

As Castle Rock continues to prosper, more and more out-of-town businesses are taking market share away from those who work and invest their money back into the local economy – that’s one of the reasons the LBA exists.

What type of organization is the CRCO – Local Business Alliance?

The Local Business Alliance is a professional trade association between local business owners who share similar challenges including marketing, bookkeeping, adapting to new technologies, fighting to stay relevant and more.

The $200/annual LBA Membership dues go to co-op marketing funds for social media, print, events and general awareness, education, and advocacy in addition to other expenses related to the LBA.

Do more for less. At the CRCO-LBA, we understand many small businesses don’t have the budget for high-cost professional services. The Alliance Co-Op allows the opportunity for locally owned businesses of all shapes and size to participate.

To learn more or to sign up, click here.