Denver Covid Compliant Roofing Contractors

Millions of Americans are currently sitting in their living rooms without pants on wondering if there’s anything productive they can do during the COVID-19 pandemic. Federal and local regulations have shuttered schools, businesses, and much more – but not every industry is on forced lockdown, like roofing. 

Spring is the traditional time for homeowners to consider new projects like roof repairs or replacements, but do roof repairs and replacements violate current Colorado stay at home orders? No. Because your roof protects your home from leaks, damage, and the outside elements, roofing is considered an essential industry in Colorado and is not limited by current mandates. 

Even if roofing is considered an essential industry, how can you replace your roof while still following social distancing recommendations? Let’s learn how Denver roofing companies in Colorado have adjusted and how you can begin your roof replacement. 

Social Distancing Inspections and Quotes 

All Denver based roofing companies should have switched to no contact estimates and inspections. Where a roofing consultant would normally give you a time to meet and discuss the roof in-person, companies will now give homeowners a timeframe for a no-contact inspection. The consultant will go directly on the roof, keeping well within the six-foot recommendation. 

Instead of coming into your living room to discuss what they saw during the inspection, the consultant will go back to their workspace to pass along information via email, phone, or video chat. 

Social Distancing Roofing Crews 

Roofing crews can completely replace a roof and cleanup without ever coming within six feet of customers and without leaving contaminated surfaces behind. Traditionally most roofing crews will knock the door in the morning to say hello to the homeowner and talk about the day’s work, but all Denver roofing crews are now on no-contact orders. Homeowners will be told when the crew is arriving on the property, but crews are not allowed to contact the homeowner once they’re on site. 

Final Roof Inspections

Even city and county inspectors are keeping to social distancing protocol. During a final city inspection, the inspector will board your roof, inspect the work, and leave a note indicating a pass or fail. City inspectors are currently not ringing doorbells or knocking doors. 

Getting Your Roof Replaced During COVID19 

Though the COVD-19 pandemic has shuttered most industries, roofers are still able to take care of their neighbors’ homes without putting any homeowners in potentially dangerous situations. From the first phone call to final inspection your entire project can be completed without any direct contact. 

If you’ve been putting off a roof replacement or repair due to worry about social distancing or stay at home orders, you can put those worries aside with a great local roofing company that’s following current recommendations. 

If you have further questions or concerns reach out to your local roofing company to review their COVID-19 policies and if they can take care of your project.