Fall is here and before you’re able to blink, there will be snow on the ground and cold in the air. By now most people have turned off their sprinklers as the yard has been covered in leaves, but the process for preparing for winter doesn’t stop there. Winterizing your sprinkler system is essential in order to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze and burst as well as guaranteeing your system will survive the winter.

Blowing out your sprinkler systems is one way of making sure all of the water is out of the pipes before the temperature drops. Water in the pipes must be drained prior to starting. After water is drained, sensors should be removed to avoid any damage. After sensors are removed, an air compressor is attached to the mainline of the sprinkler after the water supply is shut down. It is during this time that the air is released from the compressor to push out most of water in the systems to ensure optimal system health before the snow and ice arrives.

“Venting your valves and ports is also important for protecting the plumbing. Valves and ports should be 45degrees and drain caps should either be removed or loose through the winter. This keeps the brass and copper from cracking by allowing expansion space for the smallest amount of water still in the system,” Stacey Rogers of Stacey L Rogers Garden Design explained.

The time and process as well as correctly blowing out sprinklers are some of the reasons that people tend to avoid doing this until they absolutely have to. Waiting too long though, can cause hundreds of dollars in damages. Gary Bruns of the local business, AquaWise LLC, says the time to blow out sprinklers is now and at the very latest, mid-November.

When it comes to Castle Rock and the surrounding areas, two irrigation companies stand out above the rest. AquaWise LLC, as well as Stacey L Rogers Garden Design can assist you in all of your winterization needs. No need to worry about learning how to winterize your sprinkler system because these two companies are experts and will complete the project to your satisfaction.

For your sprinkler system winterization, call Gary with AquaWise or Stacey at Stacey L Rogers Garden Design.

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