Outdoor string lights

The patio is one of the most fun areas of a house. The patio hosts grill-outs, summertime lounging, and plenty of water balloon fights. You want your patio to give off a fun and unique vibe to match the fun activities that take place around it. Many solutions to turn a patio into a memorable spot are simpler than you might think, like the use of outdoor string lights. Let’s look at some of the unique ways that outdoor string lights can be used to make your patio one of the top areas to kill time at around your home.

3 Ways to Use Outdoor String Lights on Your Patio

Create Lit Walkways

If your patio has footpaths around it, it is the perfect candidate to create lit walkways. This one is fairly simple, all you need are some galvanized buckets, a little bit of concrete, and wooden posts. Fill the buckets with concrete and plunge a wooden post down into it and wait for the concrete to set. Aim for about a bucket for every five feet of walkway you have. Once the posts are set you can string outdoor lights along the posts along the walkways to lend a great ambiance to your patio space.

Create an Overhead Display

This is one of the most popular uses for outdoor string lights for one simple reason, it looks great. An overhead display works best if your patio is open and is situated between a pergola, roofline, gazebo, or other high points. String the lights over top of your patio in a pattern of your choosing. You can zig-zag, make simple parallel lines, or make a design of your own. The floating lights will give your patio a warm feeling that is sure to please guests.

Create Lighting Underneath Patio Furniture

This one works best if you have a large patio furniture such as a large table or grill area. String the outdoor lights underneath the outside edges of your large patio furniture so let the furniture display a soft glow. Try to go for soft LEDs for this one, you don’t guests to burn their legs!

Patios and outdoor string lights go together like campfires and marshmallows. If you have a patio that’s lacking character, find yourself some outdoor string lights to change things up and bring a fresh personality to your patio.