“A clean house makes for a happy home” is a familiar saying that rings true for many people. Unfortunately, no matter how much cleaning is done, there is still those “junk” items that are either too big to be taken to the dumpster or small enough to shove somewhere and forget about. What about the attic and crawl spaces? Do you have boxes piled on other boxes of just stuff that could’ve been there for years? What if you didn’t have to worry about junk taking up space in your house or your attics being clustered? Well, you don’t.

Junk Genius opened in the Denver metro area in 2007. With the local business serving areas from Boulder to Castle Rock, Junk Genius will remove almost anything from your property or home. Whether its items you need to donate or used carpet removal, Junk Genius makes it easy and simple to have it removed. Having served the Denver area for over 5 years and over 1,000 customers, Junk Genius also is a green company and tries to donate or recycle everything they collect to local charities around the Denver metro area.

The Junk Geniuses pride themselves on delivering outstanding service and not only meeting expectations but also exceeding them. They have a “10-Step Full Advantage” that includes having no hidden charges, quick removal, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. When you call to set up an appointment, you won’t be transferred to a call center, you will talk to the owner of Junk Geniuses, Tom Reimann.

So don’t let that junk stress you out, there’s a local company waiting for you to call them. For your convenience, pictures of what you need removed can be uploaded to their website which will result in a free quote for removal.


To contact Junk Genius, call 303-388-7780 or visit their website at