(L to R) Deputy Fire Chief Norris Croom and Mayor Paul Donahue are presented with a plaque from the American Heart Association for how Castle Rock Fire and Rescue respond to heart attack patients.

Residents should be put at ease knowing that our local fire department is being recognized for how it handles certain emergency situations. The American Heart Association presented Castle Rock Fire and Rescue with a plaque for how they respond to someone having a heart attack.

“On behalf of the American Heart Association, it is with great honor that we are here to present our Bronze EMS award to Castle Rock Fire and Rescue,” Corporate Marketing Director Julie Blakie said as she addressed the crowd at a Town Council meeting this month.

By receiving this award, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue is being recognized for meeting strict criteria set forth by the American Heart association for the treatment of heart attack patients.

Blakie went on to thank the Town–and the taxpayers–for their contribution as well. Because without funds to purchase adequate equipment to take care of residents, lives might be lost.

“Castle Rock Fire and Rescue has proven that they are giving exemplary care,” she continued, “This may not mean a lot to you now, but you never know, because time is of the essence.”

As Mayor Paul Donahue and Deputy Fire Chief Norris Croom accepted the award, Donahue he added thanks.

“One of these things they are really good at is saving people’s lives who have gone into cardiac arrest,” said Donahue. “The residents of Castle Rock should be very proud of what these men and women do for us every day.”