Educator/Inspector, Christine Jenkins, using the fire extinguisher demo

Along with keeping the residents of Town safe, fighting fires and responding to various other emergency situations, the Castle Rock Fire Department goes above and beyond to provide a number of free services to the community.

While emergency response is always their first priority, Castle Rock Fire Chief, Art Morales knows the importance of being involved with the lives of residents. “Our investment is that we want to be there for the community because we are invested in the community,” Chief Morales proudly stated.

Being invested means using their manpower and resources to benefit those they serve. When their four full-time stations are not responding to the 5000 calls they average a year, they are holding demonstrations on how to properly use a fire extinguisher, safely installing car seats, performing woodland mitigation (by identifying old hazardous trees) and giving businesses fire inspections.

Castle Rock Fire Department Emblem
Castle Rock Fire Department Emblem

“We value our local businesses and want to make sure the community is firesafe,” commented Chief Morales. He has seen businesses have to relocate or close because of fire damage. That’s why identifying things that are dangerous or not up to code is so important. A detailed fire inspection can save a business from future problems that might affect them and their neighbors.

Though helping with accident and fire prevention is top priority, they also enjoy participating in community events and happenings. Sometimes it puts them in front of groups of local kids, impressing them with demonstrations of their gear. “We like to touch kids’ lives in a positive way by showing up at their birthday party or we may bring out the firetruck to help promote a neighborhood block party,” stated Chief Morales.

Because at the end of the day, they are only a phone call away when you need them. Chief Morales notes, “We want to be the folks to help residents how ever we can.”

Free Services Offered by Castle Rock Fire Department
Fire safety inspections
Proper use of a fire extinguisher
Woodland mitigation
Car seat installation
Lockout help
Vitals/blood pressure checks at the station
Birthday party appearance
Block party appearance
*Note: appointments are preferred for some services and groups should be organized for demonstrations. Emergency calls are first priority and may interfere with scheduled appointments.