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Over the past week, multiple residents in the Castlewood Ranch subdivision have experienced incidents of vandalism on their property. They are reporting things like overturned trashcans and teepeeing of houses in the neighborhood. Along with the troublesome activity, some living in the subdivision have also had moments of late-evening doorbell ringing, between 10 p.m. and 12 p.m., only to have the person flee the scene, when the door is answered.

One neighbor was reported to have chased the group away while they were in the process of disturbing a home but has not yet been able to identify them to authorities. Local police are aware of the trouble and have increased patrol in the area.

In the meantime, if you live in the area, please make sure all doors on your home and car are securely locked and that no items have been left in the front or back yard that might attract attention. Any information concerning the disturbance should be reported to the Castle Rock Police at 303.660.1000.


  1. Sounds like some bored kids! So you mean to tell me NONE of the residents have ever teepeed or ding-dong ditched? Common people, hardly news worthy!

  2. Regardless, it still shouldn’t happen. Parents need to be more responsible and know where their children are and what they are doing.

  3. @Broncos Freak.
    Do you realize that there actually has been a lot of REAL crime happening thruout Castle Rock ( scouting neighborhoods, coming in from up north) and many residents are armed. Why would you support ‘kids being kids’ when they could end up HURT by a concerned homeowner who thinks they may be a real threat (as there are real threats out there). Just the other day there were 2 guys wandering my street who CLEARLY did not belong there. They were walking thru yards and peeping in open garages. One came close to my home, but I have a “this homeowner is armed” sticker on the front door and they kept on moving.

    Unless you know that the kids involved (which you may be their parent) then you need to use a bit of logic. Kids should be taught better.

  4. I totally believe in kids being kids… Not at 10-12 at night. Tipping cans. Knocking on doors… That’s being a punk. Being a kid is riding your bike. Playing sports… Be sensible. Castle rock isn’t immune to the make my day law. It’s 2015, people are on high alert all the time now. KNOW what your kids are doing and WHERE they are… It isn’t 1980 anymore. Our kids aren’t sleeping in backyards and tee peeing houses anymore…

  5. Seriously?! Was this contributor NEVER a teenager?? Or was your childhood SO LONELY that you never did Teen Pranking fun with friends?? This is NOT news. What a waste of time. I KNOW when my kids are out pranking our neighbors, it’s a rite of passage for kids. Who answers their door after 10pm anyway?! I don’t. I’m not expecting you, you aren’t being addressed at my door, late at night. Seriously, this is DUMB. I’d hate to see how all of you would react to anything really important going on. Sheesh.

  6. @Hottiemom24 – You’re taking this article quite personal, did you spend some time in juvy for ding dong ditching? Oh… it’s your kids isn’t it… Makes sense.

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