Castle Rock Firefighter, Lieutenant Scott McKenna, worked to replace the white bulbs with blue and orange.

Blue and orange now cast a glow over the Castle Rock night sky. In celebration of the Denver Broncos winning the AFC Championships and going on to the Superbowl, a team of local firefighters and a volunteer braved the wind Wednesday afternoon to change the bulbs in ‘The Star.’

‘Usually it’s just myself, my husband or Lieutenant Rettmer and C.J. up here,” said Tammy Denhard, Volunteer Firefighter for Castle Rock Fire and Rescue. But on that day, Denard and her son C.J. had some needed hands lighten the job.

“Today it worked out for us to have some extra help,” Denhard added. Along with Lieutenant Matt Rettmer and C.J., Lieutenant Scott McKenna and Firefighter Chad Blocks stepped up to volunteer.

“There are 90 bulbs we have to change out,” noted Denhard. Taking just over an hour, the crew worked in tandem, scaling the star’s peaks to carefully replace the bulbs with Bronco colors.

So until the Denver Broncos meet the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, February 7, the Town will enjoy basking in the light of the AFC victory. “The Bronco colors will be up until the Superbowl and if the Broncos win, they will stay on another week,” she said.