Castle Rock Florist has flowers and gifts for Mother's Day

What is the one thing most moms want on Mother’s Day but feel guilty to admit? Is it flowers, cards, and a massage? While those gifts are much appreciated, what most moms really want on Mother’s Day is a Day off from being Mom.

Moms have many responsibilities, which vary from home to home that can include, but not limited to: family CEO, chef, housekeeper, tutor, counselor, nurse, referee, warden, and general servant to little people. Mother’s Day should be a one day reprieve from these tasks; a day of relaxation and peace, especially since the title “Mom” is one of the most important jobs women can have in their lifetime.

Below are some ideas to help you show the mom in your life how much you value her:

1. Day off from daily duties – This should be a given. Get up with the kids, change their diapers, make breakfast, and let her sleep in. Bring her coffee in bed. Let her sit in complete peace and quiet. Get all the kids ready for church (or whatever you plan to do) and let her take a shower and get ready without being interrupted every 5 seconds by a kid asking incessant questions.

2. Let her drive to wherever she wants – It’s her day! She may want to drive to a coffee shop like Cookies and Crema to read a book and drink coffee, go for a long workout at her gym: Anytime Fitness Castle Rock or The Gym at Castle Rock or go to Maddie’s Biergarten with a couple girlfriends, have some beer, and chat.

Cookies & Crema: A break for coffee and quiet time
Cookies & Crema: A break for coffee and quiet time

3. Clean the house – Nothing says, “I appreciate what you do as a mommore than scrubbing some toilets, mopping floors, and doing (and folding) laundry. She certainly doesn’t want to get up Monday morning after Mother’s Day to find the house a disaster. 

4. Pamper her – This doesn’t have to break the bank; it could be something simple like going to a local nail salon and getting a pedicure and/or manicure; Castle Rock has several, just pick one and make an appointment. If you have more to spend, a massage or facial is a great way to splurge. If the budget doesn’t allow for this, give her a foot massage yourself and run her bubble bath.

5. Let her go to the AMC Movie Theaters in Castle Rock – This is a great break for mom where she can put her feet up, eat really greasy popcorn, and not have to answer to or serve anyone.

6. Buy her something pretty – Yes some women say they don’t want flowers, but haven’t men figured out that women aren’t easy to figure out?! Head on over to Castle Rock Florist in Downtown Castle Rock and buy that mom in your life a lovely arrangement.

Castle Rock Florist has something pretty for mom
Castle Rock Florist has something pretty for mom

7. Give her a few hours to do something adventurous or outdoorsy – Let her try out the Zip Line at the MAC, hike to Rock, or go for a long bike ride (depending on weather of course). Enjoying the beauty Castle Rock has to offer is a great way to re-energize mom.

8. Go out to eat – Castle Rock has several options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Whether it is The Old Stone Church, The Augustine Grill Restaurant, The Social or Maddie’s Biergarten, you should be able to find something she enjoys.

Men, if you are even able to do one or two things on this list, you will find yourself with one happy wife. And we don’t want to forget all the single moms out there! Since many of you have the job of mom and dad, we know you deserve a break too. Hopefully you have family or friends in town to give you needed time off as well. Enjoy your Mother’s Day!