Hosted by Foundry Church in Castle Pines, hundreds from the community came together to run and show their support for Officer John Adsit. This morning’s race brought out nearly 900 registered runners, along with their family and friends, to run the Rise & Run 5K; a benefit race for the officer as he continues on the road to recovery.

The benefit, emceed by Fox 31’s Deborah Takahara, was an impressive, fun-filled gathering that united neighbors who have been following the officer’s story. Numerous local businesses, several factions of law enforcement, as well as the local fire department were likewise present to show they are still pulling for him during his healing.

Cruisaders Equestrian Team with Douglas County Sheriffs
Cruisaders Equestrian Team with Douglas County Sheriffs

As runners lined up at the start, a humbled Officer Adsit took the stage to express his appreciation to the crowd of supporters. “It (the support) has been unexpected and overwhelming for me and my family,” he said, “To see the faces – it’s unbelievable – I’m completely undeserving of that.”

Along with expressing his thanks, he wanted the community to also know how their continued care and prayers have helped him each day. Adsit continued, “I can’t tell you how much it uplifts me and makes it easier to get through this process with all of your support. I know there have been tens of thousands of prayers along the way and I’m telling you that God has answered them abundantly.”

Officer John Adsit thanking the community
Officer John Adsit, with his wife Michelle, thanking the community

But it was especially inspiring for those gathered to see Adsit suited up and preparing to participate in the 5K race. After the gun sounded, the jumble of bodies was off and running with Adsit hitting the pavement alongside them.

In a little over 45 minutes, Adsit came back around to cross the finish line at the Rise & Run event as a crowd clapped and cheered. And though he knows their are many months of rehabilitation and recovery still ahead, he is reminded from today’s event that he doesn’t have to go it alone; the community is behind him all the way.

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