Shining Light Events CEO, Michael Brumbaugh, with his son Caleb. He fell into event promotion after volunteering to help raise money for The Rock Church in Castle Rock.
In 2012, when Michael Brumbaugh first suggested the idea of doing a concert or comedy night to help his son’s kindergarten class raise money, he had no idea what he had stepped into. After ‘volunteering’ quickly changed to ‘organizing,’ for the next four years, his annual event would grow to raise over $120,000 for the school and flourish into a successful small business.
Shining Light Events was created as an event ministry,” said Michael Brumbaugh, CEO of Shining Light Events. “We want to bring light to darkness, making our community shine with fun, family events that bring people together.” 
But already holding a full-time job that took him away from time at home, he wanted to include his family in his new endeavor. “My wife Liz and I have two young kiddos of our own, so I love that I can involve them to spread the word, assist with production and attend many of the events,” he commented.
His first gig with The Rock Church, brought Comedian, Tim Hawkins to Castle Rock. “We ended up selling over 900 tickets and it was a sell-out event!” he smiled. The success of the event would raise $15,000 for the school and give his company the launch it needed.  
A year later, in 2013, his contacts and experience allowed him to organize another event for the church that would pack a bigger house. “I was able  to bring Willie and Phil Robertson, two of  the stars from A&E’s Duck Dynasty,” said Brumbaugh. Put on at Douglas County Fairgrounds with the event attracting 2,000 people and raising $60,000. 
With each event and school or church fundraiser he produced, he started to take notice of the outrageous fees the ticket companies were tacking onto their tickets. Brumbaugh decided it was time to expand his company’s services. 
I felt this was wrong that they are collecting free money at ridiculous rates and for what? he continued. “That’s when I decided to provide a service that would  charge less than any other ticket company and help market events for minimal fees. Because Shining Light Events wants to help others be more successful with for less.
Many locally owned companies have taken notice of the way they do business. We serveand continue to serve Aerial Works Castle Rock, Downtown Castle Rock Alliance, Town of Castle Rock, Castle View High School Wrestling, and many others.”
Likewise, he has noticed a jump in business because veteran organizations are also picking up the phone. “We have had many companies like Colorado Civil Air Patrol reach out to us to use our services since we are a Veteran Owned Company,” he said.  “When you deal with a veteran, especially a former Marine owned business, you will know that the job is getting done to the best of my ability, often exceeding expectations.”
With company’s growing success, Brumbaugh is now trying to balance life with his former hobby turned into second, full-time job. “Promoting and marketing events—to the best of my ability—takes time, so I make it,” he said. “My main attention goes to my wife, kids and my regular full-time job, so I make time after my family goes to bed.”
It’s a routine that seems work for Shining Light Events.