Dear Sean Hakes,

The World Compass Academy Governing Board recognizes the value of Social Media in sharing ideas, but must also assure that false information about the school, its board, students, or staff is not disseminated through sites perceived by parents to be “official.”

Your Facebook Group “World Compass Academy Parents” violates § 43(a) of the Lanham Act. Please revise your group within 24 hours so as not to include “World Compass Academy” or “WCA” in the group title, and not to use any World Compass Academy logos or pictures (building / staff / students / etc). Your description must also clearly state that your site is not an official source of information at or about World Compass Academy / WCA.

Currently your group contains defamatory and false light posts. All defamation and false light posts must be removed within 24 hours or are subject to legal action.

The World Compass Academy Board of Directors encourages all parents to seek information from the school office and administration; we are in the business of customer service. Our parents have to know they are heard by people who can help them; they have to see action when there are problems. Please let our school team be part of a solution process.

The World Compass Academy Board of Directors

It’s quite apparent that the current Board of Directors wants to silence parents. In fact, this email is a direct attack on our First Amendment rights. My response to their threat is below: 

Good evening WCA Board Members:

 First and foremost, I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your unbelievably busy schedules to write-in with your concerns about the WCA Parents FB Group. I made it quite clear that the group was in no way, shape or form affiliated with the school. But, to appease you – I’ve gone ahead and changed the group name to WCACR Parents and strengthened the discloser that was already in place.
If you believe there is content within the group that is in anyway, shape or from libel defamation, you’re more than welcome to take up your concerns with those individuals directly. Your email contains no proof, or specifics to your suggested claims.
I’m excited to see more parents getting involved. Should you have any additional concerns please direct them to {email address removed }
Sean Hakes
CC: WCA Board Members